Sidney Conley is a native of Jackson, Mississippi. He began his undergraduate matriculation at Tougaloo College in August 2007. Mr. Conley was an active student on Tougaloo’s campus and a member of Kappa Pi Art fraternity. He graduated as a Presidental Scholar in 2012 with a B.F.A..


While at Tougaloo, Sidney discovered a passion for photography. Upon graduation, Mr. Conley decided to take an unconventional approach to further develop his new talent. In 2012, Sidney Conley Photography LLC., was launched as an independent business, with Mr. Conley as the CEO. Since it’s grand unveiling, Sidney has serviced over 400 clients across the world. Bermuda Fashion Week, Stello, Diandra Forest, David Banner, US Military, Mayors, Fire Departments, just to name a few.

Sidney work has been published in India, Africa, China, and many more. 

Sidney's work has been featured on Good Morning America. ABC News, Yahoo News, CNN, and many more.


A true artist at heart, Sidney’s creative edge and eye to precision mirrors the beauty captured in the portraits of Michelangelo—Sidney’s artistic role model. In turn, Sidney has adopted the motto, “People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it’s simply necessary to love.”


Sidney's Fine Art has been featured in Synthia Saint James Exhibition in San Francisco, California. Sidney has also been selected to capture some of the largest fashion shows in the World. Including New York Fashion Week, Bermuda Fashion Week, and Atlanta Fashion Week.


With his studio still based in Jackson, MS, Sidney moved to New York City to pursue his dream in May 2016. Working to expand his love for art and photography, Sidney currently reside in Atlanta, GA and  travels across the world absorbing to create, while blessing.